How to Open a Brick and Mortar Shop with Passion (not experience)

Sailors Siren How to open a brick and mortar shop jacksonville beach

An Excerpt From our Interview Over On Michelle Hickey.Designs

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own brick and mortar store, filled with beautiful treasures and one-of-a-kind items, curated by you? Whitney and Michele, a mother daughter team from Atlantic Beach, Florida didn’t just imagine it— they made it happen, when they opened their modern beach boutique, Sailors Siren, in 2016. Without a retail background, they relied on their love of home decor + shopping and coupled it with research and dedication, to make their dream a reality. Through this interview, we’re shown that when it comes to success, passion and perseverance always trumps experience.

What made you want to want to start your own business?
We both love shopping for our homes, usually together, and really started to notice that our favorite stores online and along the East Coast were starting to blend together. We kept saying to each other, “we could do this”, we could open a store that offers more unique items along the same beachy theme, but be so different!

In today’s “online world,” brick and mortar stores have become not just a place to buy stuff, but a shopping experience. How do you get in the mind of your buyers, to create a space that will keep them wanting to come back?
The experience of the store is always in the front of our minds. From the tone of our music and scent of our candles, to the dining table and bar, as well as the way the store is merchandised around a coffee table and chairs upon entering, it is all intentional. We should also mention that a cork of something is always popped because it’s supposed to feel like you’ve just walked into the house you’d want to live and hang out in! From the get go we also knew we wanted to create a space that could house events. We hosted over 30+ events last year and are hoping to continue to provide a space to showcase our favorite markers.

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