An excerpt from Whit's interview over on the amazing boss babe site babes who hustle. 

What is your work environment and shop culture like?
The shop vibe is easy and fun. The dogs are there most days, we always have music going, the lighting is incredible from being so close to the beach, and by mid to late afternoon, a bottle of something (champagne, wine, bourbon or gin,) is usually popped open.

How has opening a small business in Jacksonville affected your connection with the community?
I have met the best, most passionate, smartest, creative people who are out there every day doing what they love. It’s the coolest thing! Being from the area and having the historical perspective of how far Jax has come to support the local movement is fantastic to watch and participate in. I’m so proud of this city and can’t wait to see what the next few years brings.

What are some businesses/business owners that you draw inspiration from?
You can’t beat Hotel Palms in Atlantic Beach. They restored this old motor court hotel into a modern gem while keeping its local beach integrity. Neat Jax is forever reminding us to stay organized! The editor and publisher of Flamingo Magazine, Jamie Rich and Christina Cush, are a constant reminder to look out for each other. We’re always sending each other texts and emails with “look what I found” and “you could use this” and “check this out for the shop/magazine”. I also love Cara at Blue Jay Jax. The girl is unstoppable. We’re so excited for her to open the listening room and see her hard work and perseverance pay off.

What advice would you give to a Babe trying to start her own business in your industry?
Get as many people's stories, advice and perspectives as you can, but then pave your own way.

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