NY Now January 2016


Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! That's the sentiment I get after being at the beach for a while and then heading up to NY. We traveled up for the winter 2016 NY Now market last week and it was a blast!


We stayed at the Viceroy Central Park, which was nice and uptown-ish. The bathroom is what really put this place on the map for me, that black and brass combo though. I'm not usually a mosaic tile person, but that marble with hints of emerald green was a real beauty! 


The hotel restaurant and bar, The Kingside, had the same super classic black, white and cognac leather motif, which I'm a real sucker for. 

We caught up with our favorite shop girl friends from AshleGryre at the Baccarat for $25 cocktails and $40 hamburgers, which were delicious thank God, to rub elbows with European rappers and models. I seemed to be the only person there not showcasing my new Chanel wardrobe, not sure how I even got in. The wait staff showed me to this private dining room (image to the right) when I requested a spot to make a private call. I highly suggest talking to anyone important on the phone in surroundings this fancy. Definitely added a level of "I'm in charge here" power to my side of the conversation.

Side note: The owners of AshleGryre have been such a great resource for us. They've taken us under their wing and helped us avoid some big mistakes and heartache so far. I hope all new business owners have someone like this in their lives to bounce ideas off of. THANK YOU ROBYN AND ASHLEY!


On our second day at market we were so overwhelmed and exhausted we took a break to wine and dine at some little no-name spot in Hells Kitchen. We loved this industrial lighting on the old school meat racks. 

Image-1 (39).jpg

No trip is complete for Michele and I without a visit to the downstairs bar at The Standard. In my former corporate life I stayed at the Gansevort around the corner pretty regularly and when she'd come to tag along we'd always end up here. Best gin drinks in NYC. Plus, all that white and black, again, such a sucker for a classic palette. 


Here we are in the bathroom of The Standard having our #ihavethisthingwithfloors moment. White herringbone marble and grey grout? Uhhh, yes. After pre-gaming a bit too hard we joined the AG girls again for dinner at Catch where the OJ cast, including John Travolta and Cuba were eating. We were obviously sat far far away from them, but hey, kinda cool. The AG girls ran into Lisa Rinna in Barneys (she's our second favorite housewife, Kyle is obviously the first). And later Michele and I saw Elliot Spitzer (clothed) in front of our hotel. Just people you don't typically bump into at Publix, ya know?

Oh, yeah, right. And we were there to shop for the store! Truth be told, NY Now was huge and overwhelming. We got our shit together by day two, but when we got there we didn't think we were going to make it. Now that we've done it, we'll be able to game plan for it better next year, but it was a lot. We clocked about 12 miles a day just in the convention center. Needless to say the Stuart Weitzmans were ditched for sneakers mid-week. Gotta clock those steps if you want to drink and eat all the things each night!

These pics are a mix of orders we wrote and orders we're thinking about. There's a lot up in the air right now with the store, that's a whole other post, so we're trying to decide what to order. Let us know what you do and don't like!

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