Get Cozy and Chill


Our favorite gal about town, Lindsay White, headed North for a fashionable and cocktail filled Valentine's Day couples weekend in the mountains. 

Linds shares about escaping reality, indulgent cocktails, home cooked meals and helping pull off an engagement surprise.  

"During the long love weekend we spent boundless hours around the fire, roasting marshmallows and sipping on chilled cocktails over lots of laughs. The cabin was on top of a mountain in Blue Ridge, Georgia, secluded from all the busy everyday lifestyle we were attempting to step away from. It was pleasantly quiet and easy to admire. Throughout the weekend, we had the “get cozy and chill” mentality; from Friday mornings arrival until Monday afternoons lunch wrap up.

The endless amount of home cooked meals and desserts was definitely something to remember! Along with the surprise engagement we’ve all been waiting for! After Trevor took Lo for a hike up the mountain to collect more firewood (and to get down on one knee), we had the cabin decorated with balloons and banners to congratulate them when they came back in from the cold!

I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to get away from their crazy busy schedule at home.

Nothing better than a sweet escape which calls for hot cocoa & jumbo marshmallows, cheers!"

Whit ToomerComment