Let's Talk About Framing, Shall We?

We have been so fortunate to launch our Art section with travel photography and aquatic inspired paintings by artists we gladly call our family and friends. 

These artists draw from the ocean and nature which is truly a match to our brands spirit. As is Framebridge, the American printing and framing company we've partnered with to produce and deliver our art to you. 

My great-great-great-grandfather Marie Adrien Persac was a Louisiana artist who mapped the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans,” Susan Tynan says. But when she took a copy of one of his maps to a frame store, the result disappointed her. That experience led her to create Framebridge in Maryland. The process is simple: Her company sends a prepaid label and packaging for your pieces, and once the work is framed in one of twenty-five styles, it arrives on your doorstep ready to hang.
— Susan Tynan, Founder and CEO of Framebridge


When purchasing art from Sailors Siren, the price of the artist's prints range from $10 for XS to $60 for XL with variants depending on photograph or painting and size. The frame then adds an additional cost of $59 to $159 depending on size, but not frame selection. When you purchase travel photography or coastal paintings on our site the price includes the art, Framebridge framing service and materials and shipping. Plus all art is framed through Framebridge and printed, framed and shipped to you within 14 business days.

Here are a few key takeaways about Framebridge to all my quality assurance officers out there. (Side note: I'm looking at you mom! She's always like, "what's the finish on that like?", "how heavy is it?" which is super annoying in the moment to an impulse buyer like myself, but in the end makes me so glad I have her to take those things into consideration! The rest of you are welcome too, since that's how we end up with such amazing things in the shop.)

  • Art is printed on Epson Premium Luster Photo paper for photos and Epson enhanced Matte paper for art prints. 
  • Materials used in the assembly of frames: After printing, art is dry mounted to acid-free foam core and matted with 4-ply, acid-free mats bevel-cut to fit the art.
  • How frames are finished: After printing, mounting, and matting, prints are assembled into their frames with framing-grade acrylic and sealed with custom kraft paper backing and wall bump-ons. Each frame also includes premium hanging hardware, as well as hanging and frame care instructions.
  • Complete list of your materials: Premium Luster Photo Paper, Archival Inks, Wood Moldings, UV-Protective Acrylic Conservation Mat Board, Acid-Free Foam Core Backing, Custom Kraft Paper Finishing, Premium Hanging Wire and Hardware Hanging and Care Instructions
  • Standard mat sizes are included in pricing: Our prices include the option of a mat—2.5” for XS and S, and 3” for M and L; XL pieces cannot be matted due to shipping constraints. 

And most importantly, Framebridge is an American company operating in Maryland! For more info, see Framebridge's How It Works or FAQ page. 

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