Watts Juicery x Sailors Siren

Jacksonville, please tell me you've been to Watts Juicery in Jax Beach! It's our first true cold-pressed, organic juice bar and it's amazing.

 A few shots from Watts Insta feed.

A few shots from Watts Insta feed.

We met the owner and manager of Watts at the Sailors Siren launch party at the Palms Market and fell in shop girl love. Watts was just getting ready to open and had these amazing, huge, white shelves that needed filling. And lucky us, we had all these salty Southern lifestyle products that needed amazing, huge, white shelves to live on.  


Today, Sailors Siren products live at Watts in harmony along with delicious and guilt free treats from Fresh Jax. So the next time you need a healthy snack or meal, stop into Watts for a delicious organic juice, and while you're there, take a gander at Sailors Siren!

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