Sailors Siren x Salty Gypsy


We officially have a major girl crush on our new pal, Salty Gypsy. This girl does it all, well all that matters at least. If it's not part of her well thought out and heart felt plan, she's not doing it. The good news for us is that we're part of her strategy for world domination and we couldn't be more excited about it.

You've probably seen her around the beach juicing up your favorite beverage at Watts, teaching yoga at Bella Vida, snapping adorable family photos with her photography business, working out like a beast at Down Under Fitness, studying to take her nursing boards in the cafe at Native Sun or maybe it's her Instagram account that has a cult following around these parts that you recognize her from. Whatever it is, you can now add Sailors Siren mermaid and brand ambassador to her growing and ever evolving list.

Keep an eye out for this little gypsy mermaid and our upcoming Sailors Siren x Salty Gypsy projects! 

Whit ToomerComment