Cloudware Mug

Cloudware Mug


If you're not drinking your morning coffee or tea from a cloudware mug you're doing it wrong! 

Comfortable and refined, cloudware mugs are designed to be the perfect vessel for savoring your cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa. The high temperature porcelain retains heat, allowing for a longer sipping experience. 

Cloudware is inspired equally by historic Wedgwood Jasperware and the sky in North Carolina. Each piece is unique, reflecting the swirling of the two colored slips mixing in the mold. Every piece captures a unique moment frozen in time- no two are ever alike, just like the clouds on a summer day or the swirls and veins of marble.

  • Mugs are sold individually
  • Cloudware is hand made by HAAND in North Carolina
  • HAAND’s products are all lead free and food safe
  • All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • The porcelain is fired to 2300F, which produces high quality, durable and chip resistant pieces
  • Photo by Sarah Schu of HAAND 
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