digital print shop info

Art has and will continue to be a priority at Sailors Siren. We enjoy supporting local artist and finding new art. This print shop has been a labor of love and we're so excited to finally roll it out. We're launching with two artist and over X prints. We have two more artists and another X prints we'll be rolling out over the next month. Thank you for checking the print shop out and please let us know if we can help or answer any questions. 

How it works

After making your purchase from the digital print shop you will be emailed a link that allows you to download your images to your computer and then print them however you want! You have complete flexibility to use the images and have them framed the way you want them in the size you want them!


In each digital print shop product listing you can find the file size, dimension and suggested max print size for each individual image.  You may also crop to suit your needs. We suggest using Mpix, Giclee or Staples for your print needs. (Our Staples in South Jax Beach, FL is great, but this may vary by location.) Online framing tools are also a trusty printing option when framing, but we're getting to that next! If you have another resource you'd like to share just let us know!


The frame that adorns your art is a highly personal decision! That's why we started the digital print shop, so that you can do what you wish with the art you love. Here are some of online printing and framing one-stop-shopping sites we love: 1. You can't go wrong with Framebridge for timeless frames. 2. Framed & Matted is best for simple, straightforward jobs. 3. Artifact Uprising has great modern frame options, plus non-frame options like wood ledges and photo hangers. 4. For large (up to 60") print and frame jobs we prefer Simply Framed. 5. For really oversized jobs try American Frame which can make frames up to 80" (note they send it to you in a DIY kit at that size).

For smaller work that just needs a white frame, Target and Hobby Lobby also carry some of our favorite old faithfuls. Just remember, that when you throw something in a frame without having it done professionally the art might not make it to family heirloom status as humidity and sunlight can damage it.