Just Some Things: July Edition

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Hope your summer is going well. Ours is flying by with trips, beach days, mornings on the boat and all the usual summer adventures. Here's what we're digging this July. 

1. It's been a long time coming, but Sydney Hale candles are finally hitting the shop at the end of the month. They're beautiful, they smell amazing and the brand gives back to animal rescues, which is a huge plus. Keep an eye on our Insta for more info on the launch.

2. Also hitting the shop, booze teacups! Enough said.

3. I'm just refusing. Life has been A LOT these days and it seems like that's a trend among most people I talk to. Business, home, personal. Not necessarily all bad either, in fact, a ton of good. But just A LOT! So chin up, power through, be nice and refuse to sink. Alllllright?

4. The new Gray Malin Thailand series makes you want to book a ticket, get on an airplane and never come back! We just ordered a print for one of our wayfaring customers who had been to the specific spot in her photograph and I can't wait to see how it looks in her place. We'll report back when it's installed. P.S. We have access to the full line of GM prints, so email me if you want a quote!

5. Isle and Cloth is a pillow line that recently launched by a local designer in AB. Thinking I may need a new hmong in my daughter's room and some updated indigo action on our family room sofa. Take a look!

6. All about that clean beauty these days! The Grown Alchemist is a line full of organic antioxidants and natural peptides that boost cell renewal that makes your skin look like a million bucks (I'll take all the help I can get) and smells incredible. Jen over at The Rosy Cheek knows what she's talking about and can hook your skin up!

7. Love when worlds collide for killer collaborations. The Melvin G. pieces of the St. Frank Textiles are everything I need in my life. They're not for sale on his site, but there is a line of boards available right now that would look stellar in any beach house.