Just Some Things: June Edition

Curious By Nature

A new site means a new blog. There are some contributors who have interesting things to say lined up and well, me. So here you go, the first stab at the new material. I present to you a monthly series called "Just Some Things."

1. Case + Drift FOR YOUR HOME. It's not a just a beach towel people! I use these towels for everything: tablecloths, baby blankets, guest room bath towels, and spring/summer throws around the house. After telling every last person who has ever bought one from the shop and harassing Casey, the founder of the company, that she had to show off their versatility she gave in and let me style a shoot that Stephanie Keeler shot. We'll discuss this again, soon, and in length. 

2. I could not be more excited that these insanely gorgeous Tin Tin's pieces are in the shop. I met the artist and ceramicist, Kristin, in my neighborhood art gallery in DC and bonded over our infants matching (and unusual) name and her beautiful art. Which can be found in Serena and Lilly, take a look! We'll be carrying small and large vases, bowls, planters and ring dishes this summer so stop in and check them out.

3. As if our love of rosè could get any more basic. Whispering Angel has come out with a new tropically branded rosè named The Palm. I ordered a few bottles off the internet, but they've not yet arrived. Everyone do me (and yourself) a favor and ask your local Publix manager to get this in so that we can buy it locally. 

4. It was no intimate affair like at Blue Jay Listening Room, but Michele came up to DC and we saw Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats at The Anthem and it was INCREDIBLE. They sound better live than on the album. Expect the new "Tearing at The Seams" album on repeat in the shop this summer. 

5. After pinning multiple pairs of millennial pink Vans in the span of a week I pulled the trigger and bought a pair to up my jeans and white tee game this summer. 

6. Garden & Gun is taking over! First it was a magazine, then weekend-long parties, then gorgeous gallery/workspace/party space buildings and now a restaurant and bar! The Garden & Glub Club just opened in Atlanta's Battery near the new ball field. I'm interested to check this spot and area out and am praying it's stayed true to its authentic Southern roots. We're headed to Atlanta for some furniture shopping later this summer so we'll report back!

7. I've been on a podcast kick in the office lately and found Dusty Nomad's Road Less Traveled through Instagram. Some of our favorite people like Jenna Alexander and Amy Robb have been featured and I like the theme of some of the native folks interviewed of leaving Jax for greener pastures only to realize there's more sunlight and water right here if you want to come back and see what grows. That's what I'd like to think is happening with the shop, so it definitely resonated and now I'm hooked.