Gold Woven Basket

Gold Woven Basket


100% natural seagrass baskets, hand woven by multigenerational artisans in a small village in South Vietnam. These baskets are flexible, foldable, yet incredibly sturdy for a variety of uses. Pom poms are hand made.  Basket is 14'Height-14'Diameter.

These baskets were traditionally used to carry rice from the field to the homes and markets of families across Vietnam. With its effortless and functional design, these baskets have served modern homes in an endless array of imaginable ways. Use them for laundry, for toy storage or as a perfect place to store yarns and sewing projects. They are functional without getting in the way of your interior arrangement and they add a touch of nature into your home.

These baskets are made from natural seagrass harvested responsibly in Southern Vietnam from the hands of multi-generational artisans.

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